Chemical Peels

Looking to steal the show with spotlessly beautiful, porcelain skin? Our peels makes you an instant knockout, offering amazing touches to tone and texture.

-The Beauty Bomb Peel 

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities suddenly look years younger without going under the knife? The secret to it all is a Beauty Bomb Peel which offers beautifying results with no surgery involved.  The combination of a blend of six different acids tighten the texture of your skin to fight fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, blemishes and the other major signs of skin issues, leaving the skin looking healthier.   If you’re looking to really strike it big, top the Beauty Bomb peel over a Collagen P.I.N (micro needling) treatment to hit the smooth skin jackpot.

Price: $300 

Post kit products are included in this price. 

-Clear The Way (Tattoo Removal Peel)

Gone are the days of painful and expensive laser treatments.  The Derm Bar MD introduces The Clear The Way Peel.  This peel's

revolutionary blend of acids work to penetrate the skin's dermal layers lifting tattoo ink and leaving the skin clear and beautiful.  

This peel includes a post peel kit to help minimizing patient irritation while maximizing results.

Price- Depends on how large of the tattoo we are treating. 

A post kit is included in the price.

-P.R.R. 8% Retinol Peel

​Turbo charge your next microneedling treatment! 
This add-on treatment is ideal post micro-needling to help turbo-charge collagen.
Formulated with an intensive concentration of All-trans Retinol plus 17 collagen nourishing amino acids and an antioxidant blend, Protein Rich Retinol delivers advanced skin rejuvenation. 
Ask if P.R.R. protein Rich Retinol is right for you!

Price- $200